Who We Are?

VIBE is an athleisure (athletic – leisure) brand based and designed in Beirut offering a hybrid concept of upscale, functional and high-performance clothing suitable for athletic and casual lifestyle. It allows people to easily transition between leisure and exercise, giving them a sense of motivation to stay active and on the vibe.

Our products serve the purposes of both active and leisure way of life. Besides its usage in exercise and fitness, our comfortable apparel can be worn in and off homes.

Our purpose is to sell a vibe and promote an active lifestyle in your work, community & mindset.

VIBE is not just a brand. It’s an experience, more like a vibe. We believe in the power of positivity, consistency and hard work to keep you active through the process. Our mission is to help customers create their own vibe by providing you comfortable and functional wear to level up your vibe and put your ideas into action. We strongly believe that change comes from within, a vibe transmitted to the outside world.